What’s a colorstory?

At Weaving Roads, a colorstory is literally the place a composition of colors and textures take you.


In the same way that a scent or a song can transport you back to your junior high gym (or any other spot-on precise moment in your past), it has been my experience that sight – and specifically the sight of a unique recipe of colors and textures – can do the same. AND/BUT/ALSO, sight can propel you forward. Colorstories connect us into the future by sparking future-type feelings: inspiration, insight, confidence, ideas, ignition – basically: where you want to go in the best way possible.


As you peruse my shop, notice if a colorstory speaks to you specifically by creating these feelings. Or look in your closet, outside, inside your favorite museum, from the window of plane, or literally anywhere – and begin to look for the colorstory. What are the colors, how do they work together, what story do they tell, how do they make you feel? If you want to keep feeling that way, take a picture or gather elements – send them to me and let me create a custom piece, matching your colorstory to the story it incites.